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Working for Chefs2Call:

We are always welcoming new talent in to our fold, in fact with out new and experienced chefs it gets lonely in here, not to mention filling the jobs is more than we can cope with.

We like to know as much  about you as we can before sending you out for any assignment or if it’s a full time position making sure that both parties have a clear idea of who and what they are dealing with!

If you are seeking work we welcome you, we send you an email confirming your interest and if we have received the application form and relative information we’ll give you a call to find out more about you and you as a person.


Where and when possible we try to meet in person for an informal chat over a coffee or if your local a pint at the pub. We love to hear about where you have worked and the experiences chefs have had with other chefs and the owners or business’s.

Should you be keen to work in our chefs@home area we will ask you to bring your chefs menus and any supporting images as its always better to offer menus you feel confident in cooking especially in a kitchen you are not familiar with.

As with all private engagements we ask that you turn up in Clean chefs attire, pressed and fresh, we will supply a chefs2call tunic (with our logo on) for a deposit and will happily post it out to you.

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Fillet of Beef.

Fillet of Beef.

All assignments we expect you to turn up on time in chefs whites and clean knifes. Always report to  the person in charge and let them know if anything has changed if you haven’t been able to get hold of chefs2call!

We pay 7 days after the event

Here @ Chefs2Call our work base is vast and can you be working in a private house, event or pub, that’s why we really do need to know your preferences?

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Chefs2Call owner, Lee Marshall

Chefs2Call owner, Lee Marshall